Our main deliverable,

peace of mind

Our goal,

simplify and minimize

your effort

Viva Translations, a full-service European and Brazilian Portuguese language provider,

has translated, localized and ensured the quality of over 100 million words for over 200 companies.

Our quality management system and processes incorporate 37 years of localizing for the

Tech, Life Sciences, Industry, Consumer and other industries.

“Viva Translations is simply a mature localization company
that I would recommend to anyone
who wants to make sure their projects are in good hands.”

Director, Linguistic Services and Resource Management

Moravia Worldwide (RWS Group)

We will

make your job easier



Viva simplifies and minimizes your effort

Our main deliverable is peace of mind. Stress reduction is a priority in the design of all our processes.
Viva acts as an extension of our customers, thereby incorporating their
stress, concern and dedication into our responsibilities.


Viva leverages 37 years of experience

Viva has translated, localized and ensured the quality of over 100 million words for over 200 companies.
Our quality management system and processes incorporate 37 years of serving
the Tech, Life Sciences, Legal, Financial and other industries.


Viva builds trust

Quite simply, if we say we are going to do it, we do it. We give you our word.
Viva is not interested in taking on more than it can handle or creating false expectations,
we are interested in delivering, with honesty, reliability, and integrity.


Viva delivers technical, marketing, legal and financial

Viva has delivered cross-content translations,
localization and other language services for a wide variety of industries,
including over 50M words for Tech, over 30M for Life Sciences, and over 10M for Industry


Viva has capacity for today and the future

Our success is based on your success – we will not jeopardize either.
Viva delivers with a project management and quality assurance team of 10 ready to serve, and
have tested, approved and on-boarded over 400 specialized mother-tongue linguists.


Viva gives you our word

Quality, we give our word.
The greatest compliment we receive is when our customers
tell us that they have stopped performing quality assurance on our deliverables.
This is the kind of trust that Viva strives to instill in our clients, which we treat as partners.

“We have been collaborating with Viva Translations for several years now…
their value-added approach towards handling our projects is one that
we would recommend for any LSP looking for a high-quality language service.”

Head of Linguistic Management

Lingo24 (Unbabel)

A sample of

companies that have benefited

from our services

The following values lay the foundation for our mission, to make your job easier:

Good enough
is not good enough

Excellence is the norm
Perfection is the goal
Shoot for the moon
to hit the stars
Add Value

Walk a mile in their shoes

Share their challenges
Reduce their stress
Make them look good
Make them feel better
Deliver peace of mind

not problems

Confront challenges
Embrace technology
Prioritize. Plan.
Make it happen

Be nice

Make others smile
Contribute to their well being
Leave them in a better mood
Make it real

we give you our word

Live the motto
Leverage knowledge
Maximize technology
Demand excellence
Deliver as promised

Be professional

Be the expert
Be exceptional
Make a difference
Instill trust
Deliver with integity


how simple it was?

Leave it to us

We make your job easier

Contact us

Viva Translations, Av. do Brasil, 94B, Atelier 2 1700-073 Lisboa – PORTUGAL

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